How long are the TEFL classes and what is required of a camp teacher apart from classroom teaching?

Any TEFL professional considering working with TECS should make sure to read the specifics about each camp because the requirements vary a bit per camp.  However in general it is extremely important that any potential candidate recognise that all Camp Teachers are very much more than just TEFL classroom professionals.  In all camps teachers along with a Monitor partner are assigned their own Leader Group to look after and they are also scheduled to run Arts and Crafts or Projects sessions with the campers on a daily basis, as well as to supervise daily routine care like meal and shower supervision.  Also all teachers cover for the monitors for night time supervision on two nights per week and in all camps teachers are required to go on one excursion at the weekend.

Depending on the age group and camp, TEFL classes run for between three and four hours daily. All Camps have designated teaching planning time every week day, Monday-Thursday, which usually takes place after dinner when the monitors are running the evening entertainments, although this does vary per camp.