Can I work if I am not an E.U. Citizen?

As you will probably have noticed from our recruitment website, job profiles, etc. we generally announce that we do not consider non-EU citizens for postions to work with us. Spain is a member of the European Union and, thanks to EU labour legislation, all European Union nationals are entitled to work in this country. However, non-EU nationals should be aware that European and Spanish legislation covering the employment of teachers from outside the European Union  is no less comprehensive than Federal legislation covering the employment of non-Americans in the States, for instance.

This means that in order to hire non-EU nationals, schools/academies/summer camps that respect the law in Spain have to complete an enormous amount of paperwork, and go through a process that takes many months. As a summer camp organisation, we need to recruit a huge amount of staff for very short contracts and therefore we avoid putting ourselves in this type of situation as our experience has been that not only does it use up a lot of our time (that our team doesn't have), but it quite often leads to the candidate themselves dropping out along the way due to frustration caused by the process. 

For this reason, we welcome non-EU citizens to apply to work with us but we are always honest about the fact that it's very unlikley that we will consider their applications unless they already have some reason they can work in the EU (i.e. married to an EU citizen, already have a visa, etc.)