What do I need to pack?

We require that you bring the following with you to camp:

• If you are from the E.U., an in date E111 form or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or collaborating document.

• At least three pairs of beige shorts to be worn as part of the camp uniform (TECS supplies the camp t-shirt and polo).

• A sleeping bag as you may be required to sleep in tents or a log cabin at some point.

• For non E.U. staff, copies of degrees (current or past) to show that while working with us you will be part of an international exchange agreement.

• Sports Shoes (staff can not run sports or active evening entertainments wearing sandals as it is a serious injury risk and a bad example to the campers).

• Emergency contact data in case of problems.

• Any needed medication and enough to last the summer.

We advise you to bring the following items:

• For TEFL Teachers your “teacher survival pack”, with as many of your TEFL materials as you can, because the more back up stuff you have the better.

• For Monitors, any aids that you may have that will help your communication with foreign language students, regalia, pictures etc…

• Lots and lots of sun screen; the camp can not supply this.

• Swimming gear (Spain is very hot and all camps have pools and most access to beaches).

• Musical Instruments or items of personal or cultural interest. National flags, juggling balls and guitars, etc… (genuinely tend to be big hits with the campers).

• Bug repellent as the hot climate means there are a fair number of mosquitoes, again camp can not provide this.

• Pocket money or access to your bank as there will be limited times you are allowed to get advances from camp.

• Clothes for time off or nights off. You do have some free time when you don´t need to wear your uniform!