Is there laundry on camp?

Staff laundry is provided on camp once a week. Staff however use the laundry service at their own risk and must accept that TECS is not responsible for the loss or possible staining of any garments. In the case of any issue, Camp Management of course would do whatever was in their power to locate lost items or “mend” damage ones but ultimately a staff member uses the laundry at their own risk and for this reason we advise all staff to avoid placing expensive items of clothing in the laundry as with communal washing, as one would expect, there is always a small chance some problems are going to happen at some point during the summer. In most camps, hand-washing basins are available and in some camps private professional laundry services are located nearby. The first laundry usually takes place during the 1 st week of camp, so remember to bring enough clothing to last through training week and into the first days of camp.