How long will it take to hear back from you?

Recruitment Periods

Although we accept applications all year round, we will usually only recruit staff during the following periods:

  • Summer Camp: February-Summer for staff. Management positions December-Summer. 
  • School Camps: September-December for year round positions. January-June for once off camps.
  • English Academies: May-September, although we often have openings at other times of the year.


When will I hear back from after applying? 

The reality is that we have hundreds of people apply to work with us each year, and our small recruitment team just get contact every single person who applies. For this reason, we can only afford to get in touch with people who we are interested in offering an interview to.

Lots of people email us to ask about their application, or to know when they might hear from us, and unfortunately it is very difficult to say! If one of our interviewers is interested in interviewing a candidate, then they will email the candidate. If you haven't received an email then we probably haven't reviewed your application yet! 

Some people hear back from us within hours or days, and some people don't hear back from us at all! If we had a giant team of people then maybe we could do it better, but there are just a few of us. 


When will I hear back from after an interivew? 

We will usually get back to you within a few hours to two weeks depending on the time of year (we tend to be much quicker the closer to summer we get!)