What is the interview like?

The purpose of our interviews is to get a feel for what you are like as a person, what your experiences and background is like, and to gauge whether you are suitable to work on summer camp. Camp life is a unique type of environment and is definitely not for everyone so we will make sure to go through a lot of the possible challenges of what camp life can throw at you so that we decide whether you are suitable for such an environment and so that you go into the experience filly aware and mentally prepared for those challenges. We want to give our kids great staff and managers and so our interviews are made to see if you can one of them!

We offer two types of interviews:

  1. Skype Interviews

The majority of our interviews are done via skype. You will do the interview with one of our year-round team members by skype. Remember that we are based in Spain so please make sure that you are going off Spanish time (i.e. if your interview is at 13:00 Spanish time, that is 12:00 in Ireland/UK). The interview will take between 30-45 minutes for staff positions and can take 1-1,5 hours for management positions.

Don’t worry about looking good as we’ll ask you to turn off the video!

  1. Ireland Face-to-Face Interviews

In around March/April time Patrick will do a little tour of Ireland doing a day of interviews in UCC Cork, University of Limerick, University of Galway, Dublin City University and University College Dublin. If you are assigned to one of those interviews then just please make sure to come along to the interview 15 minutes before your assigned slot